Ron/Pansy Club

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Name: Ron/Pansy Club; RonPansy-Club
Date(s): March 15, 2009-
Moderator: Alishu
Founder: Alishu
Type: DeviantArt group
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: RonPansy-Club
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The Ron/Pansy Club is a small group on DeviantArt, notable for being the only group on the site for the rare pairing of Pansy Parkinson and Ron Weasley. As of May 2020, the group has 40 members (fans who may submit fanworks) and 48 watchers.[1] The gallery contains fanart, manips, fancrafts, and photos of cosplay.[2] Works may be submitted into a folder for favorites, Ron, or Pansy.

The group is mostly inactive, with the last journal post from the mod dating from 2010, and the last new member dating from 2017.[1]


"Hi everyone:

I dont kwon how to star all this, because this is the first club I open and Im not very related with all the deviant stuff. However, I thought It was terrible that Ron/ Pansy don&;t have an own club. I know that they aren;t a regular couple, always appearing as secondary. But I love this Slytherin and the red-haired drive me crazy. So I thought they deserve their own Club, don’t you?

End of the story and now they have it.

I dont kwon what else said so.

Kiss God bye



DeviantArt allows groups to maintain a comments section, which is usually filled with friendly courtesy thanks when one's work is accepted into a collection or favorited by the group. Sometimes comment sections also become a source of discussion.

"this....this confuses me. so hard..."
"This group/club. I mean....where is the logic with this pairing? No only are they rivals but they hardly ever interacted ever in the books or movies! I am just confused..."[3]

"Well is uncommon pairing. Not all of then must be on the book. For that writing or draw as a fan is free. We like how they look together, is that simple."

"I can not give a logical explanation about ir, because I just like the couple because. Maybe I could put a topic on the blog to see: why each of the members like the couple? and if they find some kind of rapprochement between them in the books or not. I read most of the books and I did not find any but I still like them. Is the mixing of two personalities that I like about this couple. I hope I solved your question, if not, I do not know what else to say."[4]