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Star Trek Convention
Name: Roddcon
Dates: 20th-21st August, 1983
Frequency: once, but the club hosted other cons
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Type: two-day fan-con
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Organization: SASTREK
Founding Date:
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Roddcon was a Star Trek: TOS Australian convention in August 1983. It was held in Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia, by the SASTREK Star Trek fan club.

front of the program book

The program book is 31 pages long. The art is uncredited. The program book contains fiction by Helen Sargeant called "Theks", an intro by Diane Marchant, a schedule, presentation of the "Little Bird Awards" (trophies for the art show, story competition and costume parade winners, based on Gene Roddenberry's nickname of The Great Bird of the Galaxy), a screening of "Star Trot," [1] some long articles about the history of the show, the lyrics to the theme music, fan art, black and white publicity photos, but no other dates or identifying info.

The program book says that everything was free, but fans had to buy their own refreshments.

On Saturday, there was a break for lunch, and at 5:20, a break for tea (ie. dinner) which lasted two hours.

From the Program Book


  1. ^ "Star Trot" was a Star Trek parody on TV's "The Paul Hogan Show". It was first aired in 1979. See more at Starlog #19. See the five-minute skit at: You Tube.