Rocking Out Against Voldemedia

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Fan album
TitleRocking Out Against Voldemedia
Fandom(s)Harry Potter ()
Producer(s)The Harry Potter Alliance
Date(s)10 December 2007
Genre(s)Wizard Rock
External link(s)stream & download at Potterwatch
Rocking Out Against Voldemedia front cover.jpg
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Rocking Out Against Voldemedia is a wizard rock compilation album released by The Harry Potter Alliance in 2007. It is available for free digital download and features previously unreleased tracks from several well-known Wrock bands.

The album art is by Alec Longstreth. A "do-it-yourself" version of the cover can be downloaded here.

Background & Purpose

The album was released to raise awareness for The Harry Potter Alliance and to "draw the link between the perils of media consolidation in the Wizarding World — and our own."[1] Specifically, its goal is to draw attention to media consolidation and biases in U.S. news coverage.

The Harry Potter Alliance asks you to join us in fighting for what Harry, the Order of the Phoenix, and Potterwatch did not have: the right to a free press. Rock out with these ten Wizard Rock bands about media consolidation in the Wizarding World and then join us in fighting a recent push for media consolidation in our world!

Track Listing

Back cover
  1. "Introduction"
  2. "Potterwatch" by Catchlove
  3. "(Never) Do What You're Told" by The Remus Lupins
  4. "Here's the Scoop" by DJ Lovegood
  5. "Save the Quibbler" by Gred and Forge
  6. "Don't Believe It" by Harry and the Potters
  7. "The Rebel Call" by The Whomping Willows
  8. "Owl Post Strike" by The Owl Post & The Mudbloods
  9. "Potterwatch Ep. 394" by The Sneakoscopes
  10. "Voldemort Controls the Media" by Roonil Wazlib
  11. "Quick Quotes Quill" by Tom Riddle and Friends


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