Robin Hood Appreciation Week

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Name: Robin Hood Appreciation Week
Date(s): 2014, 2016
Moderator(s): fyprinceofthieves, ouatpositivity
Founder: fyprinceofthieves
Type: gif sets, fan edits, playlists, meta, fanfiction
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV series)
Associated Community:
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Robin Hood Appreciation Week was a fanweek, prompt based challenge dedicated to the Once Upon a Time character of Robin Hood. Multiple types of fanworks were accepted.



  • Day 1: Favorite Persona
  • Day 2: Favorite Episode
  • Day 3: Favorite Character Trait
  • Day 4: Favorite Quote
  • Day 5: Favorite Relationship/Dynamic
  • Day 6: Favorite Moment So Far
  • Day 7: Favorite Headcanon|Something you hope to see in season 4


  • Day 1: Favourite quote(s)
  • Day 2: Favourite scene(s)
  • Day 3: Favourite ship
  • Day 4: Favourite friendship (or family relationship)
  • Day 5: Favourite location/realm
  • Day 6: Your favourite headcanon
  • Day 7: A song you associate with Robin