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Name: Robin's NIMH Fanfiction Archive, formerly Robin's NIMH Fan Fiction Archive, Robin's Fanfic Archive
Date(s): October 23, 1997[1] – July 28, 2018
Archivist: Simon Tesla
Founder: Anony Mouse and Robin[note 1]
Type: fanfic and fanart
Fandom: The Secret of NIMH
Robin's NIMH Fanfiction Archive Forum
Robin's NIMH Fan Fiction Archive logo, by Daphne Lage

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Robin's NIMH Fanfiction Archive was a Rats of NIMH online fanfic archive. From October 1997 to August 2004 the site was hosted in Karthurville, and then, after changes in its policy, moved to the Thorn Valley by Simon, where it was hosted separately until mid-2018 when it was fully merged into it with some previous content removed.[2]


The first version of the website, hosted at Karthurville[3] was removed from the internet, as were its archived versions on the Wayback Machine.

On October 16, 2004, it was announced with the creation of the new domain, that Simon Tesla would be the new responsible for the site:

Welcome to Robin's Fanfiction Archive (v4.0)

As you can probably see, there's been a few changes around here. The main reason for that is because Robin's is now under new management, by Simon, the creator of Thorn Valley.[4] We're using a new system for maintaining the site which will hopefully allow us to keep on top of updates more easily as well as provide some neat and nifty features on the site.

Please bear with us for the time being as we are still in the process of transferring the old content to the new site. In the meantime, you can still go to the old Robin's Fanfiction site.[5]

What happened to Robin's Fanfic Archive?

As old-timers may know, I took over running Robin's Fanfic Archive from Robin some time ago, and for a while I ran it as a separate site, using a CMS to manage everything. Unfortunately, the CMS got older, and I had less time to keep up with software updates and it became too much of a hassle to run it as its own thing. (It may have even gotten hacked, but at the time of writing it's been a few years since I made the change and I don't remember exactly.) So as part of the whole redesign of Thorn Valley, I pulled in a bunch of content that used to be hosted as a separate site, which meant the stories and art from Robin's and the old NTFE site got pulled into Thorn Valley proper. All of the stories and art (aside from the ones I've been asked to remove) are still posted here, under the Library and Art sections, respectively. You can still see the older versions of Robin's Fanfic Archive and the NIMH: The Final Experiment site on the Internet Archive if you want to take a look.[2]

– Thorn Valley FAQ

Fan Comments


I was quite surprised, some months back, to discover that the Internet is home to quite a community of NIMH-fans. One of them, [...] has also been kind enough to post some of it on her new site, along with her own works and that of several others--hopefully more to come.

Paul S. Gibbs


A site devoted to fanfic for Secret of NIMH. [...] what I call a "Jonathan-Hugger," that is, a really big Jonathan Brisby fan. I highly recommend the two complete stories by Paul Gibbs, also a Jonathan-Hugger, but that's okay because he's a really good writer too.



[...] not only does she write to a reasonable standard of competance, she's laid out one of my favourite villains ever in her Lunar work. Funny thing is, when I started reading it I'd never played the game. The best feature here, IMO, is the forum. Good discussion for amature writers and a bit of tech geek to boot.

Alqua Kalina


[...] `Ya that my first time in the search on the web I ran across Robins NIMH Fan-Fic site was one that I found to enjoyable, lots of Fan-Fics, my best ever was Paul Gibbs, [...] it was great continuance from the book." Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH". I truly love what you had done for us NIMH fans thru the years, 7 years[...][6]


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