The Richie/Methos Slash Web Ring

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Name: The Richie/Methos Slash Web Ring
Date Founded: 06 March 2001 or before
Fandom: Highlander
Focus: slash
URL: (Wayback)

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The Richie/Methos Slash Web Ring is a webring for pages containing Richie/Methos slash fanfiction.

According to the ring homepage the ring was originally at Yahoo but moved to moved to CrickRock in 2001 or before. Membership wasn't transferable from one site to the other, members had to resubscribe to the new ring. The new version of the ring listed 15 member sites.[1]

Member Sites

RichieMethos Slash Fan Fiction Ring.png
  • Anyone but Mac - Highlander fanfiction pairing Methos with characters other than Duncan MacLeod
  • Chez Emma - Highlander fan fiction by Emma Keigh. Mostly Adult; mostly slash. Some HL non-fiction as well.
  • The Dreaming - My ramblings regarding the boys, their relationship encompased in weird spellings and puerile humour!
  • Loonywoif's Woods - A Slash Haven where Richie & Methos, Jim & Blair, Bruce & Dick, Dylan Hunt and whoever he can get into bed, have nice romantic nights.
  • Secret Hiding Place - My fanfiction from various fandoms, including, of course, R/M fics. Also home of the 'Underpants Quote' page.


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