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Title: Retrospect!
Publisher: out of Corona del Mar, California
Date(s): early 1970s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS and Leonard Nimoy
Language: English
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Retrospect! was a one-shot zine with a Leonard Nimoy focus.

undated flyer
From a submission request flyer:
Retrospect! is a one-shot, dedicated to personal recaps of the last utterly mad, zaney, and wonderful four years!

RETROSPECT would like you to submit on one or two sides of a single sheet ONLY your own personal "Fond Memories." Examples: how you got involved, how this "madness" changed your life, your very first reaction to STAR TREK, why & how did Mr. Nimoy tickle your fancy, what the most exciting experience(s) you have had... etc... etc.... etc. In other words, try as best you can in not more than two sides of a single sheet (8½x11) to recap the last four (or more) crazy, rewarding, and wonderfully groovy years you have so far spent... maybe something about the NEXT four years!!!

Deadline; No deadline has been set yet — ANY ideas and/or suggestions are very much welcome!! This will not be "nationally" advertised via a bulletin so's we can send one to Our Hero -- heh heh, it might be good for a few laffs, anyway!! (so please, avoid getting too "personal" in what you say!!!) Everybody who contributes will get one for FREE!! (thrills) It'll be fun to see how all of us, who are so scattered around, "came together"!! So may everybody be counted on to spread The Word? This work will belong to all of us, so let's make it something to be proud of!! If you'd like additional fliers, yell. Artwork on the sheet with your writeup is OKAY!! and very much welcome!! Typing may be either single or double spaced. If you can't type, fake it.

Send all materials and/or questions, suggestions, etc. to [address redacted].