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Name: Renegade Publishing, Renegade Bindery
Date(s): August 17th 2020 - ongoing
Moderator: ArmoredSuperHeavy
Founder: ArmoredSuperHeavy
Type: Community for fanbinders
Fandom: Various
URL: The group's tumblr
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Renegade Publishing is a guild of artists engaged in fanbinding - publishing in extremely limited edition fannish works, including fanfiction, meta, original fic, zines and other works. Most works are made in handmade editions of one or two copies.[1] The group grew out of a popular tumblr text post and associated resource document by ArmoredSuperHeavy explaining their motivations for binding longfic as high quality, formal-looking books. They explicitly mentioned gift economics as part of their philosophy.[2] Other artists and publishers in the guild have their own philosophies and preferred binding styles.

Renegade Publishing has a tumblr (as linked above) and a Discord server available to anyone who asks off anon.

Example Works

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


The Old Guard:


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