Renaissance (Blake's 7 story)

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You may be looking for Renaissance, a Blake's 7 zine by Diane Holland.

Title: Renaissance
Author(s): Pat Jacquerie
Date(s): 1988
Length: 3006 words
Genre(s): het
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
External Links: online here, on AO3

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Renaissance is a Blake's 7 Avon/Meegat story by Pat Jacquerie.

It was published in Straight Blake's #1 and is online.

"Author's Note: Except for a couple of snippets in my Star Wars fannish days, this was basically my first adult story and at the time I thought it was daring and explicit. It's not. J It's a pretty mild heterosexual story feature Avon and Meegat. But even though it's not anything like my writing these days, I don't feel that it's altogether without merit--I feel the Meegat isn't too horrific and there are lines and images I still enjoy."

Reactions and Reviews

This should be creepy, but it's actually really good, which is not surprising as Jacquerie was one of the best this fandom had to offer. There's something of a theme across SB1 and 2 of taking a moment for yourself and being tender, not being in love, but enjoying sex anyway. Coupled with the profusion of OFCs this does sort of suggest to me the major problem of a straight Blake's 7 zine, which is that aside from Avon/Anna, there aren't any obvious het ships of passion and completion. You can argue A/C or B/J if you want (and actually there is a good Judith B/J in the second that makes the B/J argument and well), but frequently A/C seems to be driven by her Last of the Time Lords loneliness, which is the same thing really that drives this A/Meegat. Even if you did get a B/A about trying to make something work despite their personalities (which you do get), it should be surrounded by tension of them in their regular lives. Anyway! This story is excellent - I love Avon's thought processes, and Meegat is a hilariously exaggerated character who is fun to spend time with, and yet for all that not ridiculously unrealistic. Really nicely written. Definitely recommended.[1]


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