Remus/Sirius Collaboration Fest

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Name: R/S Collab
Date(s): 2016
Moderator(s): nerakrose, epithalamium & mrs_jack_turner
Founder: nerakrose
Type: Collaboration
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: rs_collab on Livejournal
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R/S Collab is a collaboration fest centered on Remus/Sirius as a pairing. It's very similar to HD Collab.


All submissions must be co-creations, though how the work is shared among the creators is up to them. Teams can be a maximum of four people. Creators can sign up in a team with friends or to be matched with other creators to form a team.


  • Sign-ups: January 27th-February 2nd
  • Matches: February 6th
  • Claiming: February 8th-15th
  • Check-ins: March 15th & April 15th
  • Works due: May 15th
  • Posting starts: June 15th
  • Reveals: July 1st

Submitted Works

Team: Galaxy Wolves | Team members: little_werewolf & museinabsentia

Fic + Podfic: Of Books and Fairytales
Summary: While Sirius tried to balance hiding his magic from the beautiful muggle that kept coming in to his shop with the desire to ask the man out, he was unaware that he wasn't the only one keeping secrets.

Team: Toujours Purple | Team members: chalada & mustntgetmy

Fic + Art: The Smallest Moments of the First War
Summary: AU: A bad duel forces Sirius to reflect on things that happened before the war even began and moves him to change the course of the war.

Team: Ahhhh Shit | Team members: dustmouth & phiso_kun

Comic: Collide
Summary: Sometimes universes, like fate, collide. When that happens, fate does what it can; circumstances do the rest.
(Or, the one where Sirius and Remus almost always find each other, no matter what universe they're in. Almost.)

Team: Clever Wenches | Team members: brighty18, dogsunderfoot & epithalamium

Fic + Art: Scots on a train
Summary: Remus and Sirius take on the British high speed rail system, embarrassing luggage, and intoxicated Scotsmen on a super secret mission for Albus Dumbledore.

Team: Radium's Sunrise | Team members: impishinklings, llaeyro & _melodic_

Fic + Art: Then, Now, Forever
Summary: Perhaps, one day, Remus will need him the way he wants to be needed. Sirius know he will still be here, waiting.

Team: The Evans Squad | Team members: chalada & hastendown

Fic + Art: You'll Never Know How I Did It
Summary: The Marauders and Lily play a game of Truth or Dare

Team: Potioneers | Team members: ithinktsdashing & luminousgloom

Fic + Art: Five Potions
Summary: "In potion making, certain ingredients have a particular affinity, making them more effective in combination. Or the opposite can be true, when their combined properties hinder more than help the desired outcome." A record of various potions attempted by Remus and Sirius at different points in their lives - many of them disastrous, but at least one works like a charm.

Team: The Travelling Nightshirt | Team members: cmajalis, dustmouth, epithalamium & nerakrose

Comic: A Month in the Life of Sad Spinster Sirius Black: In Which he Unwittingly Stars in a Sexy Mechanic Soft Porno (except, not really)
Summary: Sirius breaks his car, oh no. Sirius meets the hot mechanic who fixes his car, oh no. Sirius breaks his car again, oh n-nevermind.