Reflections (Star Trek: TOS story by Karla Kelly)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Reflections
Author(s): Karla Kelly
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Reflections is a Kirk/Spock Star Trek: TOS story by Karla Kelly.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #4.


"On the shore leave planet, Spock wishes for invisibility in order to study the crewʼs fantasies."

Reactions and Reviews

This zine contains several very well written follow up stories to various episodes and this is the second to be encountered. It’s a enjoyable follow up to the episode “Shore Leave” and begins after the end of the events depicted in the episode. Spock has returned to the ship and is mulling over what happened down on the planet and is pondering how he can get to know what Kirk is thinking about him without giving away how he feels about him, fearing that if Kirk gets to know that Spock is in love with him, he will react badly and this will jeopardise their friendship, which Spock is determined not to lose. Eventually he comes up with an idea as to how he can at least try to discover what Kirk thinks about him and returns to the shore leave planet and explains what he wants to the Caretaker there. I enjoyed the fact that the Caretaker, although sceptical about Spock’s motives, does not refuse his request, nor does he reveal to Spock that he is aware of his real motivations. As a result, he is able to watch the first three people he sees there without being seen – of course he is hoping Kirk will be one of them – in order to increase his understanding of his fellow crew and their motivations by observing their “fantasies” on this planet. Of course what he really wants to see what Kirk’s fantasy is but his first encounter with McCoy is not at all what he expected – instead of spending time with the women he saw McCoy with before, he has chosen to spend time with his long estranged daughter – which makes Spock realise everyone has secrets and hidden parts of themselves – even the crusty doctor is capable of surprising him and has hidden depths which Spock had not previously realised. The second encounter with Uhura is more disturbing since she has chosen Kirk as her fantasy date and the sight of them making love only reinforces Spock’s feelings that Kirk would not be interested in him for a relationship. This part of the story is especially well written as we see Spock watching the people he comes into contact with and realising that they are not quite as he sees them after all – although he feels guilty to be (as he perceives it) “spying” on his fellow crew members he is also intrigued by the new things he is learning about them at the same time. However, the third encounter does go some way to changing his mind, although it is not clear if Kirk knows that the Spock he meets on the shore leave planet is the real person or just a simulation. I must admit I enjoyed reading about how Spock views his fellow officers on the ship – a glimpse of the world through his eyes is always interesting – especially when it is well written with excellent characterisation, as seen here.[1]


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