Redemption (Buffy vid)

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Title: Redemption (Buffy vid)
Creator: foomatic
Date: 2005
Format: digital, Quicktime
Music: "Love's Divine" by Seal
Fandom: Buffy
URL: archived link

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Redemption is a Willow/Tara ship vid by foomatic. It was reviewed September 6, 2005 on the reel Livejournal community by bloodypoetry.

Vidder's Summary: "Love, loss, and forgiveness."


This video was a relationship piece, focusing on Willow and Tara. The clip quality was very impressive, nothing was overly pixelated, ect. And I know from experience, that vidding slow songs is incredibly difficult to pull off. The concept behind the video was also very good. However, it does contain of bit of what I like to call vidding no-nos, namely, talky face. And while it did incorporate orginal sound in some very interesting ways, at other times it kinda fell short.[1]

....this vid started off beautifully. The way the flashbacks were woven in so smoothly, that lovely overlay that you mentioned and my personal fave sequence starting at 00:48 which I thought was just gorgeous...The introduction of the sound clips was... jarring. They pushed the song into the background and almost completely took away its effectiveness. The vidder had been telling the story so beautifully without sound in the first minute and some seconds ...[2]