Red Light District

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Name: The Red Light District
Date(s): 2003-present
Archivist: alice ttlg
Type: explicit slash and femslash
Fandom: The X-Files
Red Light District.jpg
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The Red Light District is an archive for X-Files slash rated R/NC-17. According to the FAQ, it's for all the hot, steamy erotic stories![1] It's affiliated with The Basement and Scully Slash archives, and R/NC-17-rated fanfiction submitted to them is automatically displayed at The Red Light District.

The archive includes m/m, f/f, and m/m/f & f/f/m threesomes fanfic in a huge range of pairings. It is moderated by alice ttlg and hosted by

In the summer of 2017, The Basement and Scully Slash archives moved to AO3 and The Red Light District home page will be redirected there in the fall of 2017.


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