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Name: RedLetterMedia
Type: Film maker, reviewer, commenter
Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek
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RedLetterMedia is an independent motion-picture production company headed by Mike Stoklasa, previously of GMP Pictures, as well as Jay Bauman, formerly of Blanc Screen Cinema. Stoklasa attracted significant attention in 2009, through a 70-minute video review of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Stoklasa has produced other works under the RedLetterMedia banner, including short comedies and web series and three review-based web series (Half in the Bag, Game Station 2.0, and Best of the Worst). His low-budget features have been largely horror and comedy, and have included Feeding Frenzy, The Recovered, and Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant.

Mr. Plinkett character

Stoklasa created his first Plinkett video review for Star Trek: The Next Generation movie 'Generations' in 2008[1]. Stoklasa found his own voice to be too boring for the review and adopted the persona of Harry S. Plinkett, a character he had previously used in several short films (originally played by Rich Evans) and further developed within the reviews.[2]

Mr. Plinkett is an old man (claiming to be born in 1906) suffering from polio and bordering on senility and psychosis. He is strongly implied to be a serial killer and his reviews are intersperced with clips of women held capture in his basement. Plinkett first appeared in "You’re Invited! The Olsen Twins Movie". He speaks in a manner that has been compared to both Dan Aykroyd's character Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers and Ted Levine's character Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.[3] He has a fondness for pizza roles. Stoklasa decided this role was necessary to his reviews in order to keep the viewer interested in the reviews and guessing what may occur next.[4]

Plinkett Reviews

Although "Plinkett" has made reviews for a variety of films, including Avatar (film) and Titanic, he is best known for his Star Trek and Star Wars Reviews.

Star Trek Reviews

Star Wars Reviews

Half in the Bag

Half in the Bag is a regularly released series in which Stoklasa and Bauman do more traditional movie reviews. Stoklasa has described it as a cross between "Siskel and Ebert' and a 1980s sitcom"[5] with him and Bauman VCR repair employees sitting in Plinkett's (Rich Evans) living room as they discuss movies. The first episode premiered on March 12, 2011 with a review of Drive Angry and The Adjustment Bureau.[6]


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