Recycled Rogow

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Filk Album
Album Title: Recycled Rogow
Producer: Floating Filk Studios
Type: filk
Date: 2005
Medium: CD
Fandom: multimedia
Performer(s): Roberta Rogow
External Links: The Floating Filk
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Recycled Rogow is a filk CD by Roberta Rogow.

All the information below is from the liner notes:

Rec-Room Rhymes One (instrumentals by Dave Maskin)

  • The Crew of the Starship Enterprise (tune: Kelly, the Boy From Killarne) (3:09)
  • Scotty’s Shore Leave (tune: Barnyards of Delgaty)(2:19)

Rec-Room Rhymes Two (instrumentals by Dave Maskin)

  • Star Wars Promo (tune: Darkie’s Sunday School)(3:32)
  • Conan the Vulgarian (tune: Limericks)(2:22)

People and Places (vocals by Jean Ellenbacher; instrumentals by Dave Maskin)

  • Our Lady of the Storm (tune: The Flying Dutchman)(4:05)
  • A Child’s Guide to the Solar System (tune: January Brings the Snow…)(1:15)

Rogow and Co. (vocals by Jean Ellenbacher; instrumentals by Dave Maskin)

  • She Wore a Yellow IDIC (tune: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon)(2:29)
  • Vulcan Round (tune: Music Alone Shall Live)(2:06)
  • The Kessel Run (tune: Mule-skinners’ Song)(2:19)

The Filker Strikes Back (instrumentals by Dave Maskin)

  • Merovingen Nights (tune: Moscow Nights)(2:55)
  • The Zero-G Football Song (tune and lyrics by Claire Maier)(6:21)

Rogow Rides Again (vocals and instrumentals by Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover)*

  • Klingon Marching Song (tune: Marching Through Georgia)(2:20)
  • The Man Without a Planet (tune: The Man who Never Returned)(5:00)
  • The Last of the Table Round (tune: The Lass of the County Down)(2:36)
  • Fletcher Christian’s Crew (tune: Dawson’s Christian, by Duane Elms)(4:34)

Still Trekkin' After all These Years (vocals and instrumentals by Mary Ellen Wessels and Ed Stauff) #

  • The Band From Argo on DS9 (tune: Banned From Argo, by Leslie Fish)(4:19)
  • Mighty Hercules (tune: Gerakina)(2:03)
  • Carmen Miranda on Babylon Five (tune: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost, by Leslie Fish)(1:42)
  • Innocent Fashion Victims (tune: Sail for Amber, by Jordin Kare)(2:34)
  • The Girl in the Chainmail Brassiere (tune: The Man on the Flying Trapeze)(2:58)

Total time: 61:44

Some filks were produced by Wail Songs, 1994, some by Love Song Productions, 1998.

  • All other tapes produced by Other Worlds Books.
  • Lead vocals and guitar by Roberta Rogow
  • Technical advisor and Adapter: Harold Stein
  • Recycled Rogow Copyright (c) 2005 by Roberta Rogow. Published by Harold Stein in arrangement with Other Worlds Books. First Printing.
  • Cover Art is by Jane Sibley (c) 2005 Jane Sibley. Used with permission.