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Title: Recapitulation: An Inktober Artbook
Editor(s): Kaitlin Wadley
Date(s): 2016?
Size: 8.5 x 11"
Fandom: Captain America
External Links: dorkbait tumblr, Archived version
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Recapitulation: An Inktober Artbook is a Captain America art zine by Kaitlin Wadley. A Kickstarter fundraiser was held in November 2015 with a planned publication date of 2016.

From the Kickstarter page:

"A collection of all 31 narrative #inktober 2015[1] paintings featuring Bucky Barnes plus 4 brand new extras, together in a softcover book. ..... all 31 of my daily paintings for the month of October 2015, along with a few extras....will be a 40-page (36+4 cover) 8.5 x 11" soft-cover perfect-bound book printed on 80lb gloss paper, designed and printed in the USA."[2]