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re yr ct (and its many variations) is a term that was commonly used in older, science fiction fanzine letter columns, letterzines, and APAs. It was adopted a few fannish media publications.

The term is used when referring to a member's previous comments, and is a way to keep track of "threaded comments" in previous issues. It was the nature of APAs to have been published two/three months or more previously, and communications could get tricky!

Examples of Use

  • a Strange Bedfellows example of use: M. Fae: reyrct Tre, re biblical stuff and reyrct Barbara reherct me: I loved 'reading intimacy between peers as itself erotic.' Yes! reyrct me on philosophy.
  • an example from The Neutral Arbiter: re yr ct on Dayna and Vila's suspicions about Cally's mind-reading capabilities.