Raised Apart

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Synonyms: Separated!Boys
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See Also: AU, Incest
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Raised Apart is a trope that appears almost exclusively in Supernatural fandom. It is an AU scenario, where siblings are separated in early childhood and raised apart. This trope is a subgenre of incest fics. On meeting as adults, the separated siblings develop romantic and sexual feelings for one another.

In some works the siblings are separated by considerable distance or other obstacles preventing their reunion, and in others they may be unaware they have a sibling. These can be dark fics, with one sibling kidnapped or suffering abuse during their separation.

Other Fandoms

  • In MCU and Marvel Comics, the Jotun!Loki trope serves a similar purpose in Thorki stories. Adoptive siblings Loki and Thor are raised apart, as Loki was never taken to Asgard by Odin. Instead he was raised on Jotunheim and knows Thor only as the Prince of Asgard.