Quidditch Pitch Interview with shocfix (March 2006)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with shocfix
Interviewee: shocfix
Date(s): March 2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2006, shocfix was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch.

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Some Excerpts

My first ever story was originally written – years ago – as a Troi/Riker, because Troi often mentioned how much she loved chocolate – even though I never read TNG!fic.... When I got sucked in to the HP fandom, I read all the Ron/Hermione I could lay my hands on and I wanted to write something, but I wasn’t confident enough, so I recycled my old story – because Ron loves chocolate, too.
Fun? They are all fun – because I don’t take it very seriously, do I? I liked writing Mirrors, because that was the only fic I ever actually plotted out – it was for a ficafest thing, so I had a list of someone else’s kinks to work into it." She suddenly grew serious. "The most challenging is obviously Believe That Magic Works. It had to be over 40,000 words, for the challenge, which meant it had to be plotted in advance; it had to be set in year seven, and I decided to cover the whole of year seven, which meant I had to decide what and where the Horcruxes were, decide how to destroy them, decide how to face Voldemort, decide how and when the Ron and Hermione would actually get together. Compare that to a funny line leaping into my head and I write a quick 1000 words.
[my favorite book]: Half-Blood Prince – I was dreading a dark, war-filled book, and we got all the fascinating Riddle backstory, yes, but we also got all the wonderful relationship stuff." She paused when I lifted and eyebrow. She laughed and continued, "Not just the wonder of Ron writhing like eels, and wrestling vertically, and making a noise like a plunger when he stops kissing. The Harry/Ron friendship scenes were beautiful – the teasing him about the necklace; the taking care of him when he swallows the love-potion!chocolates; the not wanting to risk his friendship for anything with the whole ‘Ron or Ginny’ thing; the looking for his approval when he kisses her." We all nod in agreement as Shocfix continues. "The Ron/Hermione broke my heart – she had been so brave, finally making the first move, and he was so cute, agreeing to go with her. And then it just blew up and I was so sad. And then, when he croaks out her name, on his deathbed! And when he hides behind her whenever Lavender is around, and she doesn’t mind. And sobbing in each others’ arms!
The Harry and Hermione friendship just warmed my cockles – he has always rather just taken from her, hasn’t he? She takes care of him, mothers him, and he lets her – often grudgingly. But this time, she was hurt and lost and heartbroken, and he was a wonderful friend." She beamed before continuing. "The strength of the Trio at the end just rocked my socks – it couldn’t have finished on a more beautiful thought. And the surprise at the end – they are not coming back to school to create ridiculous jogging teacups, they are going on a Quest.