Quidditch Pitch Interview with Brumeux

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Quidditch Pitch Interview with Brumeux
Interviewee: Brumeux
Date(s): January 2008
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2008, Brumeux was interviewed for The Quidditch Pitch.

See Quidditch Pitch Interview Series.

Some Excerpts

We bought a copy of Philosopher’s Stone (pre-publicity) while on vacation in England, and I’ve been a fan ever since. But my route into fandom was less direct. I started looking for porn at the Nifty Archives, eventually strayed in Gundam Wing slash for a while. My first thought at the idea of Harry Potter porn was “Yuck! They’re only eleven!” but then I happened on a Remus/Sirius which I really liked (so puppyshipping was my original OTP). I haunted the Potter Slash Archives for a while, and many of the fics listed were actually on Live Journal. And when I came to an LJ fic I had to comment on but that disallowed anonymous comments, I got an account for myself. I wish I’d made a note of the fic’s name and author. Anyway, I found my true home in the Harry/Ron corner of fandom.
First I should say I’m a compulsive beta. When I started serious HP reading, I’d store copies of my favorite fics on my PC so I could read them even if I wasn’t online but I’d go through them first and correct errors. Several authors I was reading had their fics archived at TQP, and they seemed to need less work when I copied them. So it seemed to be a quality site, and I volunteered to help. I was very impressed with the fact there was an entrance exam!
Harry. Without him there is no story, after all. But I love Ron and Remus and Neville and the other Weasley boys, and Hermione and Luna too. In fact, I love everybody who’s not in Slytherin. Despite Madam Minnie’s best attempts, my motto remains: “Sex with Slytherins is Evil!”
[Fandom is] amazing to me that I haven’t met anyone nasty. Everyone seems to be incredibly accepting and nonjudgemental. (Even though some of my friends are no longer on speaking terms with others of my friends, I haven’t seen it directly.)