Quest (Star Trek newsletter published in Illinois)

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Title: Quest (possibly QUEST)
Publisher: Quest out of Quincy, IL
Editor(s): Judy Steinkamp?
Type: club newsletter
Date(s): around 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Quest is a club newsletter. It contains convention reports, clippings, and fiction.

"QUEST" stands for "Quincyans United for the Enjoyment of Star Trek." This fan club also published Profiles.

Reactions and Reviews: Summer 1992

The first half of this mini-zine is comprised of club and Trek news, including clippings, book reviews, and convention reports. The second half contains several stories, a couple of poems, and a quiz sent in by a member who lives in Austria. (The quiz requires you to match the German episode tides to the familiar American ones. It's much harder than it sounds. Take my word for it!) It's only fair to tell you right off that I have a vested interest in this effort because I'm [Joanne K. Seward] the author of one of the stories. It's called "After the Ball." Nuf said. In fact, I wouldn't even mention this mini-zine if it weren't for one very special story. The story is the winner of QUEST'S summer story writing contest. It's by Mary Schuttler, and is titled "Where You Lead." The "assignment" for the contest was to write a story telling what you think happens after STVI. Mary did such a beautiful job, I wish Paramount would film it. (Heck, I wish I'd written it!!) Not only did she answer the question, but everything about her story seems so "right." You asked if there were any authors we'd like to encourage... Well, Mary Schuttler is one I'd certainly like to encourage. Incidentally, the cover of the summer issue is a black and white portrait of Spock by Kathryn Dewell, another person whose work deserves to be encouraged. There is also a hilarious TOS/TNG crossover contributed by Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom, and Robyn Dalby called "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." This story is so funny, all I could think of was I was glad I no longer live in NYC. Why? Because I always used to read while I rode the subway. City dwellers can tell you, it's really embarrassing when you start laughing to yourself on a subway train. At first, the people nearest you start sending you curious glances, then the ones a seat or two away. With a story like "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow," the entire car would be staring outright. For those of you who don't live in Illinois, it's possible to become a long-distance member of QUEST. With membership comes a subscription to the newsletter, including the "big" summer issue. Naturally, there's a good bit of local news included in the newsletters. I don't know whether other Trekkers would find this interesting. I guess it would depend on how lively the Trek groups in your area are. (Or even if there are any.) For me, QUEST is great. The only organized group of Trekkers I know in my area meets at a time that just isn't convenient for a working mother. I attended meetings for about a year, but it was awkward, always having to leave early. QUEST fits the bill very neatly, letting me stay in touch with the world of Trek, along with reading the stories contributed by other members. [1]


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