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Name: Promare
Creator: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Date(s): 2019
Medium: anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Promare is an anime movie produced by Studio Trigger in 2019.


The canon of Promare includes the feature film itself, as well as two prequel shorts, "Side: Galo" and "Side: Lio."

Thirty years prior to the start of the movie, an incident occurred where a number of humans gained pyrokinetic abilities. These people, the Burnish, became persecuted as a result of this event, which became known as the Great World Blaze.

In the main timeline, Galo Thymos is a firefighter for Burning Rescue. When responding to a fire, he encounters several members of the group Mad Burnish, including their leader Lio Fotia.


Even though the film was not widely available in most countries after its release, it still garnered a sizeable fandom with fans all over the world even before the digital release on April 21, 2020.


  • Galo/Lio is by far the most popular ship in the fandom, with over 1400 fics on Archive of Our Own (as of 08/13/2020). The ship follows the two main characters of the film, Galo Thymos and Lio Fotia, who start off in opposition but who later put aside their differences to join forces.
  • Gueira/Meis Gueira and Meis are two side characters described by Ignis Ex as the "two top Generals" of the terrorist group Mad Burnish.
  • Kray/Galo is the relationship between the protagonist Galo Thymos and his hero Kray Foresight, the governor of Promepolis who he believes saved him as a child. While there is a relatively small but devoted fanbase in Western fandom, this pairing is especially popular in Eastern/Japanese fandom.
  • Kray/Lio follows the dynamic between Kray Foresight and Lio Fotia. It is one of the more minor pairings, and often is associated with darkfic or Bad End Alternate Universe fics, although there are variations and exceptions.


This film has inspired much doujinshi and fan-organized zines for art, fic, merchandise, and other creative projects.

Fan Zines


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Fan Fiction

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  • Galo/Lio
  • Gueira Meis
  • Kray/Galo
  • Kray/Lio

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