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In its broader sense, problematic means anything that "in some way—through its meaning, or the unstated assumptions behind it—reinforces unjust beliefs or an unfair system".[1] It is largely tied to the Social Justice movement online. In its fannish context, this could be characters, creators, actors, casting decisions, storylines, quotes, costumes, or even fanart of racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, or appropriative natures.

A problematic fave is a person or thing that has exhibited problematic behavior but for whom the speaker's affection has not diminished. A number of blogs titled "Your Fave Is Problematic" have been active over the years, and are dedicated to compiling evidence of celebrities' problematic behaviors. There have also been discussions of whether or not YFIP is in itself problematic.

To be an unproblematic fave is a high praise in fandom. This is a person or thing that has not exhibited any problematic behaviors and has probably, in fact, acted or spoken in an educated and self-aware manner. They are also often a Cinnamon Roll.

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