Present Tense, Future Perfect

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You may be looking for the Doctor Who zine Past Tense, Future Perfect.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: Present Tense, Future Perfect
Author(s): Devery Helm
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Present Tense, Future Perfect is a Kirk/Spock story by Devery Helm.

It was published in the print zine Matter/Antimatter #3/4.


"Kirk and Spock are on shoreleave when accosted by an ex-lover of Kirkʼs who wants to be with him and doesnʼt take kindly to the news of Kirk and Spockʼs relationship."

Reactions and Reviews

I've always liked this account of Kirk and Spock's chance encounter with an old flame of "Tomcat Kirk". The men are noticeably quite comfortable with each other, evidently having shared a commitment for some time. ' Even so, when a hot number named Paula spots them at a restaurant, the tension runs high. More accurately, she spots "Jimmy". She barely notices Spock shares the table. But that is destined to change in a rather delightful manner. I must like to see someone get their just desserts—especially someone who entertains so much as a passing notion of separating my two favorite lovers.

She's loud, she's boisterous, she's not about to be distracted from her intent to snag Kirk for the duration of her vacation. She misses the subtle hints. She damn near misses the not so subtle ones. Finally Kirk must tell her point blank they are lovers, something he was reluctant to do as he was certain it would cause a scene.

It was interesting that Spock let him squirm a little before offering some mental reassurance. Perversely enjoying it, I think. Just a little payback for all the times Spock had to watch him go off to the arms of a female.

Frankly I was disappointed in the final revelation. I wanted something to happen to show her the power of their love, something that would knock her socks off. Unfortunately, both men maintained their calm, cool exteriors all too well. I wanted Kirk to jump up and announce to the whole cafe full of people that this was his life's partner, not someone who had accidentally happened to join him for a meal. I wanted her to look down and find Spock's hand had snaked its way into the familiar territory of Kirk's lap. Ahhh, but they were in public and Starfleet officers to boot, so such things only happened in my dreams. [1]
When I was going through this issue trying to decide which story to review, I found this story with pleasure and surprise. It's one that I've always enjoyed, though it is very simple, but then I lost track of in which zine it resided...

It's easy to summarize the plot, such as it is. Kirk and Spock are in a bar on Rigel, and they are accosted by a former flame of Kirk's. Seems that the two had been enjoying a wild leave a year before when Kirk had been called away because Spock had been injured. Although the woman waited and waited for her swain to return, Kirk never did, and now she's after an explanation as well as a wild night of passion.

Kirk is reluctant to explain that he's now an item with Spock, but eventually she goads him into that declaration. As she sits, stunned in the bar booth, Kirk and Spock slip out and resume walking to their shore leave hotel.

So what is it with stories like this that I like them so much? I think it's the presence of a third party who is clueless about the relationship that is so important to us (not to mention the fellows!), as well as the need to explain how things stand to her. We all have different buttons that work when they are pushed, and this just happens to be one of mine. A short, sweet story. [2]


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