Porn - for the rest of us

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News Media Commentary
Title: Porn - for the rest of us
Commentator: Merle Kessler
Date(s): 10 December 2001
Fandom: Harry Potter, others
External Links: Porn - for the rest of us; archive link
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Porn - for the rest of us is a 2001 article about slash fanfiction. It introduces this strange new phenomenon to a lay audience and says that "The stories began as fan fiction around 1976, and featured the sexual pairing of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock."

Other pairings followed, but "it seems there is now a new subset of this fiction, Harry Potter slash, in which Harry and his arch-enemy Draco Malfoy become Draco|seized by passion and fall into each other's arms."

As an example, there is an excerpt from Irresistible Poison which was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle.

This article was reprinted in full in DIAL #20 (a Pros letterzine) where the editor introduces it as "goes for the pisstaking approach towards slash."

The author muses:

I suppose I should be outraged and dumbstruck by this hyperbolic depiction of underage shenanigans, but it's difficult for me to get bent out of shape about the nasty doings of the imaginary, whatever age.

Still, I find it interesting that these torrid tales are written pretty much exclusively by women. Reading this excerpt I found my mind drifting. If women fans can imagine the unlikely couplings of Starsky and Hutch, say, could I imagine myself as a woman fan who writes this sort of thing? And if I were the kind of woman who wrote this sort of thing, what sort of thing would I write?