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Name(s): Pooh's Adventures
Scope/Focus: Winnie the Pooh, Crossover, Fanfilm
Date(s): early 2000s-present
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Pooh's Adventures is a crossover fanfilm genre typically, but not always, using Winnie the Pooh characters as part of the main cast. The community wiki's front page summarizes a typical plot: "Winnie the Pooh and his friends go to new worlds outside of Disney studios and the 100 Acre Wood where they will meet new friends, battle bitter enemies, and save the world."[1]

Variations exist, such as Littlefoot's Adventure Series,[2] Ash's Adventure Series,[3] and Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure Series[4], and they all fall under the Pooh's Adventure genre. The genre is notable for its use of extreme crossovers, for its prolificness, and because the fandom is mostly creators and fans with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.


The films are edited together similarly to animash videos, but they may use a mixture of animated and live-action films. The films are generally advertised through the Pooh's Adventures Wiki and sometimes shared through Google Drive, since they are often deleted from youtube and similar sites due to copyright issues. Pooh's Adventures films are often feature-length and part of a long (dozens or hundreds of movies) series. Sometimes, Pooh's Adventure films are remade or rebooted.


In the Pooh's Adventures community, people claim or call dibs on a character as part of their "Adventure Team." Using a claimed character is against the rules.

1. Do not use any characters that have already been chosen by another user. [...] 13. If you plan on guest starring a character in your crossover, you must make sure that character is available by going on the character's article and seeing if he/she is available because if he/she is already guest starring in another crossover of the same movie or show, then he/she can't be included in your crossover. 14. If you plan on using a character for a spin-off crossover, please wait until after a guest character is announced for its Pooh's Adventures counterpart because characters like the ones from Pokemon, The Land Before Time, The Lion King, or SpongeBob SquarePants might guest star in a Pooh's Adventures projects.
Rules on Pooh's Adventures Wiki


Besides movies and trailers, the community is also known for making movie posters and sharing them on DeviantArt and other websites. One of these posters actually appeared in an official Nickelodeon show[5], in what was probably a mistake. The posters typically feature a vast amount of characters. These posters are often parodied.



Pooh's Adventures creators and fans are often harassed by wiki-vandals, in cringe compilations or by people making parody posters.



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