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A fairly regular feature in print zines were fans' renditions of Plomeek Soup (sometimes spelled "Plomik"), the meal that Christine Chapel brings to Spock in the episode "Amok Time."

"Plomeek Soup" is also described and referenced in later Trek renditions. See Plomeek Soup.

A internet search will bring up many other recipes for this soup, most which produce a soup that is orange in color.

Some Examples

A Fan Thought About Soup

In 1998, a fan celebrated K/S Day with some food: "Originally I'd planned to fix a Vulcan meal to honor Spock but would you believe it - the local market was completely out of fresh plomeek, and that canned stuff is no good at all. Somehow split pea just didn't seem like a viable substitute, so I decided I'd have to settle for a nice leafy green salad..." [1]


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