Plagued Ship

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Plagued Ship
Author(s): A.T. Bush
Date(s): 1981
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Plagued Ship is a Kirk/Spock story by A.T. Bush.

It was published in the print zines Cheap Thrills #2.


"McCoy denudes Kirkʼs crotch as punishment for what he believes is Kirkʼs betrayal of Spock when he finds that Kirk has lice."

Reactions and Reviews

In this author's own inimitable style, using humor and more coarse humor, Kirk is embarrassed as he comes into McCoy's office to discover he has "cooties". You can guess. McCoy puts some medicinal ointment on Kirk that removes all his pubic hair. McCoy thought that Kirk had been unfaithful with some dirty alien woman planet side, so he administers this ointment as revenge.

A funny scene as McCoy leaves Kirk naked in the office and a couple of nurses rush in to check out their captain's naked bod. Kirk shows his denuded pubis to Spock who starts laughing (groan). Some strange behavior and some weird stuff pretty typical of A. T. Bush's writing, but fun nevertheless.

More off-beat stuff like "a spirited wrestling match ensued. " and "Kirk's fumbling hands came again and gripped his head firmly..."

An epidemic of "little monsters" and "cooties" runs rampant on the Enterprise.

My favorite part is the solution to get rid of the lice—everyone has to beam down naked to an uninhabited planet...

You have to read it to believe it. [1]


  1. from Come Together #25