Pieces of 88

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Title: Pieces of 88
Publisher: Laughing Leper Press
Editor(s): Steph Rendino
Date(s): 1988-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Area 88
Language: English
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cover of issue #2

Pieces of 88 is a gen Area 88 anthology.

Issue 1

Pieces of 88 1 was published in 1988 and has 47 pages. It contains artwork by Nei Mo Han and Pat Munson-Siter. Summaries below from a flyer in Guns and Red Roses.

  • Grounded by Dale Pettit ("When a sandstorm keeps the mercenaries indoors, Shin, Saki and Mickey commiserate on their reason for continuing the fight.)
  • A Case of Section 88 by Steph Rendino (Shin's been watching the "Transformers" and comes up with the stupidest idea for escape yet.)
  • Working Off Steam by Dale Pettit (All Prince Saki wants is a quiet drink in a London bar. Sadly, he's in the wrong Japanimation universe.)
  • Reflections Within Four Walls by Nei Mo Han (Confined in a cell after trying to kill Saki, Shin meditates on what he has become.)
  • In a Dry and Waterless Place by Steph Rendino (Greg's friendship with two young pilots is challenged by the prejudices of the other pilots.)
  • Secret Origin Story by Steph Rendino and Dianne Rodman (Superman's got one, Batman's got one, now McCoy does too! Everybody's got to start somewhere.)
  • A Kind of Homecoming by Steph Rendino (1989 FanQ short story nominee, Tormented by guilt and nightmares, Saki decides to resign as base commander. The base is given a martinet as its new commander, and Mickey takes it himself to convince Saki to return.)

Issue 2

Pieces of 88 2 was published in 1990 and has 65 pages.

  • First Light (9 pages)
  • Learning To Fly (10 pages)
  • Operation Magic Circle (35 pages)
  • Area 88—The Conclusion (7 pages)
  • Glossary Of Terms (1 page)
  • Cartoon in Japanese (1 page)