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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Picocon
Dates: 1984-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Kensington, London
Organization: Imperial College Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gothic Horror Society
Founding Date: 1984
URL: https://www.union.ic.ac.uk/scc/icsf/picocon/
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Picocon is an annual one-day (usually) small British science fiction convention run in February by the Imperial College Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gothic Horror Society. It's run by students but open to the public. It's usually held on a Saturday, but has sometimes been run as a two-day event on Saturday and Sunday. There are usually two or three guests of honour, generally professional authors, and the main program items (held in one of the lecture halls) are typically two or three talks and interviews, a panel discussion, and at least one quiz or game. Additional activities usually include "The Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise, typically with liquid nitrogen and an enormous hammer" in the college quadrangle, and in the past have included Monty Python inspired fish-slapping duels, turkey readings (REALLY bad books are read out until someone pays the reader to stop), films, an evening pub quiz, etc.

  • The main organiser is known as the Picocon Sofa, to distinguish them from the main society Chair.