Peter Pan/Wendy Darling

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Pairing: Peter Pan/Wendy Darling
Alternative name(s): Peter/Wendy, Pendy, Darling Pan
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Peter Pan, Peter Pan (2003), Once Upon a Time
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: high
Archives: Wendy Darling/Peter Pan works on AO3
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Peter Pan/Wendy Darling is a canon het pairing from the fandom Peter Pan, and the main romantic relationship in the franchise. It also appears and many adaptions and reimaginings of the Peter Pan story.


Common Tropes and Fanon

Some common tropes from Peter/Wendy fanworks include reimagining the canonical ending in which Peter and Wendy go back to their separate worlds, and Wendy grows up. Some creators imagine an ending in which Wendy leaves her life in England to live with Peter Pan in Neverland, never to grow up; while others imagine that Peter leaves Neverland to be with Wendy in England, giving up his eternal youth for a life with her.



General Peter/Wendy fanfiction

Alternate ending: Wendy goes to live with Peter in Neverland

  • Happy Ending by IamNOTanALIEN. everyone needs a happy ending. My take on Peter Pan! Wendy misses Neverland. Wendy misses Peter Pan. Little does she know that the boy who haunts her dreams stares at her from her window, wishing the same things she was. (2009)
  • Edge of Freedom by ShawThang. Wendy begins to grow up and receive the attentions of potential suitors, but her heart only wants to fly. (2004)

Alternate ending: Peter leaves Neverland to be with Wendy

  • All Children Grow Up by Rose DiVerona. Peter returns for Wendy. They are soon followed by all of Wendy's brothers, and Neverland is a happy place for a while. But things are changing - the people in London miss them. And Peter is growing up? Based on the 2003 movie. (2008)
  • Flying Lessons by Dorryen Golde. Peter/Wendy. How the 2003 movie should have ended. Peter learns that he cannot run away forever. (2009)



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