Perfectly Generic Podcast

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Title: Perfectly Generic Podcast
Created by: Kate Mitchell
Date(s): August 27, 2018-June 23, 2020
Focus: Discussion
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Twitter Spotify

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The Perfectly Generic Podcast was a weekly hourlong discussion of Homestuck and related works. It was hosted by Kate Mitchell and a rotating guest panel. Its name is a reference to an item in Homestuck, the "Perfectly Generic Object." It had a Patreon and Squarespace website, which is now defunct. Contributors were often BNFs and/or official Homestuck creators, including James Roach, the writers of Vast Error, optimisticDuelist, Aysha U. Farah, and yoitscro.

Discussion usually covered controversial topics in the Homestuck fandom, such as gender and race headcanons, radical politics, and the confusing nature of "canonicity" as it pertains to Homestuck. Occasionally, bonus and/or episodes called "[I]ntermissions" (referencing the naming scheme of Homestuck pages) were released. One of these featured live reporting on the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

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