Perfect Imagination

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Name: Perfect Imagination (PI)
Owner/Maintainer: Asli Pryde
Dates: 30 September 2003[1] - ?August 2013
Type: beta reader directory
Fandom: multifandom
URL: archived version via Wayback Machine
pidirectory LiveJournal community
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Perfect Imagination was a beta reader directory. It was founded by Asli Pryde in 2003 exclusively for the Harry Potter fandom. On February 23, 2008, it expanded to include additional fandoms,[2] and included listings for betas in over 30 other fandoms.[3] It later also opened its doors to original fiction.[4]

On March 16, 2011, Perfect Imagination announced it would no longer be accepting new applications for beta readers, due in part to real-life issues encountered by its founder.[5] A few months later, the site announced that it would be closing down on July 1, 2011.[6] The site administrators entered into negotiations to transfer ownership of the site, however, and it reopened later that year, along with a Facebook Page for posting news updates.

Posts on the Facebook Page show that PI was encountering technical difficulties in late 2011,[7] and the site administrators were forced to suspend services until they found a solution.

In February 2013, Perfect Imagination announced another change in ownership,[8] and also added a Twitter account to its list of social channels. Subsequent Facebook posts show that PI was struggling to find enough volunteers to help run the site, resulting in repeated calls for assistance.[9] Some time between August and October 2013, PI permanently closed its doors, and the site domain expired.[10]


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