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Pairing: Penelo/Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
Alternative name(s): LarsaxPenelo, Larnelo
Gender category: het
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Canonical?: no
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Penelo/Larsa is a pairing in the Final Fantasy XII fandom.

It is similar in popularity to Penelo/Vaan, and the two pairings had approximately the same number of stories on as of late 2010.[1]

Support for the pairing stems from the fact that the two get along quite well in canon, and Penelo writes Larsa a letter at the end of the game. Although the age difference is a deterrent to some fans (Penelo is 16 or 17 whereas Larsa is only 12 in canon), supporters point out that Larsa acts very mature (more so than his older brother), knows a lot (more than he probably should), and he and Penelo both have the same goal in mind.

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