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Name: Paul Edwin Zimmer
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Occupation: author, poet, zine editor
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Paul Edwin Zimmer was Marion Zimmer Bradley's brother.

He was a writer, a swordsman, a bardic poet, a founding member of The Society for Creative Anachronism, a resident of Greyhaven, and co-edited zines and was a co-contributor to pro novels with his sister.

At one time, he was married to Tracy Blackstone.

A 1968 Photo

A photo of Blackstone and her husband Paul Edwin Zimmer taken at Baycon (as Corund & Prezmyra from "The Worm Ourobouros" ) is here: Baycon - 1968 WorldCon - W68M008, Archived version

Fan Comments

Paul Edwin was quite the character. He never worked (except on his writing), always wore a kilt though he was not Scottish, and chain-smoked. He didn't wash too often, either. Paul Edwin did have some accomplishments, though, besides the writing, which was published but not a big success. He knew all about swords and medieval and Renaissance combat and martial arts. He was one of the founding members of the "Society for Creative Anachronism," a medievaloid fantasy role-playing group which has eaten the brains and lives of many of my friends over the years. [1]


In October 1997, Zimmer passed away while attending Albacon as a guest of honor.

Further Reading


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