Patterns (X-Files vid)

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Title: Patterns
Creator: Cybel Harper
Date: 1996
Fandom: X-Files

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Patterns is an X-Files fanvid created by vidder Cybel Harper in 1996. The song, Simon and Garfunkel's Patterns, was used to present a character study of Fox Mulder, with emphasis on his state of mind following the abduction of his partner, Dana Scully.

The vid received the TV Mystery/Suspense Award in the REVELcon 7 Music Video Contest. It has not been digitally remastered.

In 2000 the vid was discussed on the Vidder mailing list and one reviewer commented: "A very good Mulder vid. The song seems made for him. Clips show the disjointedness of his life, the surrealness, and really make you feel for him. The dispair that he can't change anything is there, but doesn't drag the vid down."