Patricia Mathews

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Name: Patricia Mathews
Type: writer, publisher, filker
Fandoms: Darkover, Vorkosigan
URL: bio and lj here
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Patricia Mathews is a Darkover and Vorkosigan fan.

She published a Vorkosigan anthology zine series, Samizdat Barrayar, in the early to mid 1990s, for which she wrote several filks.

She was also a major fanfic writer in Darkover.

Mathews said: "I started writing 30 years later after reading an article in an MZB fanzine and picking holes in it — and continued writing for about 10 years, when the fires died down to glowing embers." [1]

More Darkover Fiction Than Any Other Fan

In 1982, it was noted that Patricia Mathews had "written more Darkover fiction that anyone else except MZB herself. She has appeared in all five issues of Starstone, 'The Keeper's Price' and in 'Sword of Chaos', as well as in Contes Di Cottman IV and in Tales of the Free Amazons. We consider her a major talent uncovered by the Friends of Darkover." [2]


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