Paper Flowers (Firefly vid)

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Title: Paper Flowers (Firefly vid)
Creator: gigglemonster (aka Dayln03)
Date: August 2007
Length: 3:49 minutes
Music: "Imaginary" by Evanescence
Fandom: Firefly
URL: download here & vid announcement
vidder's title card

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Paper Flowers is a Firefly vid by gigglemonster. It was reviewed by jebbypal on December 9, 2007 at the reel.

Vidder's Summary:" A look at River's struggle to make sense of her fragmented and painful memories, so she can start again on Serenity."


  • "A strong River centric vid that communicates her reality better than most...A strong vid cram packed full of effects. With a lesser vidder, this might have been a problem, but Dayln)3 pulls it off." ~ feedback] at the reel review.
  • "I adore your trademark candy clouds coloring. The layering is beautiful and touching." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "The way you used colors in this and the way the images become darker in vibe with the louder parts of the music... amazing." ~feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "I really enjoyed the lovely colours and the way everything all cross-faded together. It seemed like a really effective way to get inside of River's mind. I also really liked your composition, added push/pulls and great sense of musicality." ~ obsessive24's feedback] at the vid announcement.