Panthro's Lair

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Panthro's Lair
Author: Mrs. Fish
Dates: 17 September 2000 - 11 August 2001 (Wayback dates)
Fandom: Due South, Once a Thief, The Sentinel, The X-Files
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Panthro's Lair is a slash fanfiction website with stories by Mrs. Fish. It was linked in The Fan Fiction Directory as Den of Iniquity.
Welcome, friend. On the following pages you will find a collection of fanfiction written by me. But beware -- it is not for the feint of heart. All my works are of an adult nature, and feature homoerotic relationships. You have been warned.
Should you find these type of stories offensive, or if you are considered a minor if your area, I ask that you leave now. Otherwise, feel free to explore the lair, and I hope you enjoy the stories you find.