Pain is Just Pleasure Fanfiction Awards

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Name: Pain is Just Pleasure Fanfiction Awards
Date(s): 2012
Frequency: Once
Format: Popular Vote
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
URL: painisjustpleasureawards
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The Pain is Just Pleasure Fanfiction Awards were awards for fanfiction in the Backstreet Boys fandom. These awards honored stories that focused on the macabre and traumatic, any story that put the characters in physical or emotional pain. These awards appear to only have taken place once, in 2012.


Goriest Scene

  • Nick picks bot flies out of Jordan’s brain in “Save a Prayer” by Carter-Orange
  • Nick murdering Steph and cutting out her heart in “Nick the Ripper” by Julie

Most Creative Way Of Torture

  • Brian is forced to carve the word “MINE” into Nick’s flesh in “It Stays With You” by Mare

Most Agonizing Emotional Pain

  • Nick’s angst over Brian’s addiction to eating shoes in “Nick’s Dirty Kicks” by Sakabelle

Greatest Punishment of All

  • Nick fighting cancer and still dying in “Curtain Call” by Julie

Best Nick Torture

  • Nick having his leg chopped off in “Broken” by Julie

Best Torture of a Backstreet Boy Not Named Nick Carter

  • Howie being eaten alive by Nick in “Slashed” by evergreenwriter83

Most Random Way of Dying

  • All five being slaughtered by alien monkeys in “Hybrid” by Julie

Best Natural Death

  • Nick in “Curtain Call” by Julie (Chapter 88)

Best Accidental Death

  • Nick being burned to death in “Let’s Get Fired Up!” by Julie

Best Homicide

  • Nick baking a fan into muffins in “Recipe for Revenge” by Julie

Best Suicide

  • Howie kills himself trying to remove his parasitic twin in “The Man With Two Brains” by Carter-Orange

Most Memorable Death

  • Nick kills Nick in “Whatever the Night May Bring” by Mare

Best Sacrificial Lamb

  • Kayleigh in “Song For The Undead” by Julie and Rose

Best Victim

  • Nick in “Fix” by Pengi

Best Villain

  • Title character in “I Remember Sky (Beautiful Girl)” by Mare

The *Rocks Back and Forth* Award

  • “It Stays With You” by Mare

The Please…Don’t Hurt Me Anymore! Award

  • “Save a Prayer” by Carter Orange

The Torture Master Award

  • Julie