PAL-NTSC Video Conversion

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PAL-NTSC Video Conversion was a method of converting shows on video tapes to play on different machines. (PAL is the standard analog video format used in Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia, Africa, and South America. NTSC is the standard video format in North America, Japan, and other parts of South America and Asia.)

From an ad in a 1992 On the Double: "We have conversion abilities (up or down) of many broadcasted TV shows. Including: Sapphire and Steel, Trainer, Colditz (McCallum), Families, Emelyn's Moon, Morgan's Boy (Gareth Thomas), Making News and other Paul Darrow shows, Professionals, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Patrick Stewart materiel, Champions, New Avengers, etc in PAL. SASE for list. Up conversions to PAL: ask us if we have you wants on tape off of television broadcast. Prices for conversion are $5/original tape, used to help offset the cost and upkeep of the converter ONLY and are NOT used for profit."