Out of the Embers

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Title: Out of the Embers
Author(s): Catocala
Date(s): November 1994
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Out of the Embers is a Blake's 7 Avon/Vila, with possible Blake/Avon, story by Catocala.

It was published in Southern Comfort #8.5.

Reactions and Reviews

That's my pedantic comment on Fanlore. Shall we take a quick moment to talk about labelling? (Skip on, if you'd prefer not to because obviously I'm going to do that now). I can only assume it's a convention of old fandom that has evolved over time to mean something else, because several fics in this zine claim to be threesomes or orgies and are simply fics in which some members of that combination of characters have sex and then another combination of characters have sex. It makes it quite confusing when assessing what fic you might like to read (although generally in zines I just read everything - or start to read everything anyway - since I've bally well paid for it), because I'd be more interested in 'Blake/Avon with unrequited Blake/Jenna' than I would in 'Avon/Blake/Jenna'... Actually, this case is a bit of a special one because Vila's POV intimates that maybe they could have a threesome, but... I think he's kidding himself, which is why I have labelled it as above.

We're PGP now, and Blake is sulking about having been shot, so Avon and Vila decide to leave, but...

"... In short, you've stolen a ship that seems almost custom-designed for a fugitive." [Avon said]
"Came through for us again, didn't I? I told you once, Avon. I can steal anything." [Vila said]
"What in hell's going on here?" an angry voice boomed directly behind them.
Vila and Avon spun to confront the sleepy figure in the doorway.
"Congratulations, Vila," said Avon, disgusted. "You've also stolen Blake."
:D I think that's hilarious. Anyway, then they get over their differences and it is all quite easy, but quite nice - aaaaaaaaand then suddenly for no reason at all we bring out a massive sci fi trope that seems to be indicating a massive AU, because it has such major repercussions, and... THEN THE FIC ENDS. Is there more? I don't necessarily want it, but I am just curious. [1]


  1. Aralias reviewed this zine in 2013 on Dreamwidth; reference link