Out of the Blue (Buckaroo Banzai zine)

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Title: Out of the Blue
Publisher: The Blue Blaze Irregulars
Editor(s): Alan "Dragon" Smith and Nancy "Abacus" Smith
Type: newsletter
Medium: print
Fandom: Buckaroo Banzai
Language: English
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Out of the Blue is a gen newsletter.

A quote from the first issue, "The name "Out of The Blue" implies our attitude toward TABB and this newsletter. ...you'll find this "fanzine" to be unexpectedly and surprisingly different from the others. ...the contents will be from out of the ranks of the Blue Blaze Irregulars, the backbone of Team Banzai." This fanzine was somewhat unique for it's time. The contents was a collection of submissions from our BBI pen-pals and our local BBI troop (The Cascade Rangers). We "cut and pasted", photo-coped and re-typed them into a fanzine format. It was a very low-tech undertaking, no word processing or scanner. Truly a "labor of love".[1]

Issue 1

Out of the Blue 1 (June 1987) Front cover art of the first Jet Car "Team Banzai" circle logo by Dragon. Back inside cover art "Bits & pieces" from Dragon's drawing board.

  • The Editorial by Dragon & Abacus
  • Biographies of The Cascade Rangers
  • The Pink Box- A non-fiction short story
  • Personal pages - Abacus shares a Team Banzai anecdote, Dragon interprets the TB philosophies, Kitten on The Useless and Amnesty International and High Tech on Laser Tag
  • Strike Team Alert
  • HB88 - "Through the Mountain" artwork by BBI Dragon
  • The Cascade Classifieds
  • Banzai Institute's favorite Drinks by Kitten
  • Favorite BBIs recipes and leftover Banzai contributions
  • P.S. from Dragon

Issue 2

Out of the Blue 2 (October 1987) Front cover art of the '84 Jet Car "Team Banzai" circle logo by Dragon. Back inside cover art "Bits & pieces" from Dragon's drawing board.

  • The Editorial by Dragon & Abacus
  • Biographies - Meet more of the Cascade Rangers
  • Personal pages - Dragon on Thought Experiments, Kitten on real BBIs, Solo - an anecdote on fandom, Baron speaks out about psychic phenomenon, Abacus - Excuses, a subtle form of selfishness and Equally Empty looks at the romance of TABB
  • Solo's Adventure - "One step over the edge" a reminiscence and commentary
  • Quality TV by Dragon & Abacus
  • Strike Team Alert, Lazier Tag practice tips
  • 8th Dimension maze by High Tech
  • The Pink Box - A gift to Billy Vera aka Pinky
  • Yoyodyne night school class selection
  • Cascade classifieds
  • Recipes and Leftovers
  • P.S. from Dragon and next issue
  • Photo album pages - Our visits with Billy Vera and The Beaters in concert

Issue 3

Out of the Blue 3 (April 1988) Front cover art The "official" Cascade Ranger T-shirt logo by Dragon. Back inside cover art "Ready for the 8th Dimension" by Dragon.

  • The Editorial by Dragon and Abacus
  • Biographies of The Cascade Ranges and The Great Lakes Division, Michigan BBIs
  • Personal pages - The Bear offers an exercise for self improvement and personal observations, Dragon on hypothetical questions, and Equally Empty on the meaning of his BBI name
  • A TABB video trivia quiz
  • Answer to the last issue's 8th Dimension maze
  • "The Big Kill" a short fiction story by Ratso Schitzo
  • Cascade Classifieds
  • A convention report
  • Updates and comments to "Quality TV"
  • "Something to Offer" a fiction story by Dragon & Abacus
  • Recipes & Leftovers
  • P.S. from Dragon

Issue 4

Out of the Blue 4 (September 1988) Front cover art "Sunny Afternoon at The Gate" by Dragon. Back inside cover art "Perfect Tommy" by Cupernicus.

  • The Editorial by Dragon & Abacus
  • Biographies of the Cascade Rangers and Associates
  • Personal pages - Solo's Adventure, Lady Jazz's Hi Notes, Tao and the art of Shakespeare, The Bear's Grizzly Tracks, Dragon on Thought Experiments, Equally Empty's Blue Books, Scuba Experience by Dakota and The ABC's of Life by Telephone Girl
  • Banzai Activity report by the Great Lakes Division BBIs
  • BBI Mini's Seaside Expedition - a short fiction story
  • At the conventions by Dragon & Abacus
  • Banzai word search by Phoenix
  • The Dolphin Experience by Pinto
  • Operation: Raindance - a fiction story by Dakota, Pinto and Miami
  • Cascade Classifies
  • Recipes & Leftovers
  • P.S. from Dragon