One Safe Harbor (Blake's 7 art)

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Fan Art
Title: One Safe Harbor
Artist: Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1993 or before
First Published:
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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One Safe Harbor is an erotic Blake's 7 illo by Suzan Lovett. [1]

The illo was used in 1993 as the cover of |Strange Bedfellows
The illo was used on the cover of the first issue of Strange Bedfellows in 1993. The central mailer of "Strange Bedfellows," Shoshanna wrote in that apazine:

The cover for this issue [...] is probably the best example I've ever seen of obeying the letter of the law while thoroughly evading its spirit. "No exposed genitalia," I said in my rules for SB covers, and lo and behold, Agnes ups and offers me the use of a stunningly gorgeous piece of artwork, and, well, it's got no exposed genitalia...[snipped] it was too wonderful to turn down as a special premiere treat, I knew I wouldn't be comfortable reading a zine with [this] cover on the bus, which is the real litmus test for SB covers, and if I wouldn't be comfortable—I'm pretty brash, as some of you know—I could imagine how others might feel.


For the record, Agnes got Suzan Lovett's permission for the limited reprinting of this piece as an apa cover. I won't use any fan artwork without such permission. Commercial pictures from whatever source I consider fair game; if we were going to quibble over such appropriation, we wouldn't be writing fanfic, would we? [2]

Reactions and Reviews


Wasn't that Avon/Blake cover in the last issue wonderful? Generally speaking I have no great interest in slash art(or fan art in general) but this Lovett piece knocked me over. Even were I to throw out SBF #1 (speaking hypothetically of course), I would keep this cover. [3]


And lastly, the B7 piece... mentioned last week, I think (I forget its title). Avon & Blake wrapped around each other, emotional stuff everywhere, complete and total nudity with no penises displayed. [4]


I've just acquired the last copy of Suzan Lovett's print, One Safe Harbor. I think it is the most beautiful piece of art that I own, because it expresses the emotional need between Blake and Avon. They are embracing tightly, as though they are terrified of losing one another. [5]


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