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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: One In A Mil Xena Page
Author: Mil Toro
Dates: 1997 - 2012 or later (wayback capture)
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (01/1999, Wayback) (10/1999, Wayback) (2004)
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One In A Mil Xena Page is Mil Toro's Xena: Warrior Princess alt fanfiction site.

The site was listed as One In A Mil Stories in the Fan Fiction on the Net directory in 1998.[1]

It was originally hosted by GeoCities but by October 1999 it had moved to a new URL.[2]

The last update in 2001 describes the page as under reconstruction and says that all stories and skits have been moved to Morgan's Adult Fiction Libraries[3] where it became Mil Toro's Xena Stories.

The Stories

THE NAKED TRUTH - Xena takes Gabrielle to the Twilight Zone, one of her old haunts. Fairly kinky.
CALLISTO'S KISS - Takes place after Intimate Strangers as Callisto finds out that Gabrielle didn't tell Xena what really happened when Callisto invaded Xena's body.
CONQUERING XENA - Takes place in the alternate universe of Xena, the Conqueror where Callisto's aid is enlisted to unite the Conqueror with Gabrielle.
A FATE TO REMEMBER - A "what if" story based on the events of "Remember Nothing". Xena stays in the alternate timeline a while longer.
DOWN TO THE DARKNESS - Xena fights her dark side and her dark past after her encounter with The Horde.
DARK BEAUTY - A loose sequel to Down To The Darkness, an immortal Callisto returns to haunt Xena and Gabrielle.
LIQUID FIRE - Xena unknowingly falls under Callisto's spell with the help of a magic potion.
THE FIRST OF DESTINY - M'Lilla's past catches up with Xena as a mysterious figure stalks her.
CROSSING X'S - Xena meets up with Dana Scully and Gabrielle meets up with Fox Mulder in this crossover time travel tale.
PATHWAY TO LOVE - What if? What if Callisto never killed Perdicus and Xena lived a life without Gabrielle? (I know, depressing ain't it?) Will true love overcome all?
THE MAGICAL ORB - A revisionist historical account of Xena's past with Callisto as Xena introduces Gabrielle to a Magical Orb she received from the Amazons

The Dark Side of Xena and Gabrielle

SPANKS FOR THE MEMORIES - PART III - It's Xena's turn to succumb to Queen Gabrielle's wishes, helped by the cheeky girl, Tara.
SPANKS FOR THE MEMORIES - PART II - Gabrielle takes her spanking like a good girl, loving every moment of it.
SPANKS FOR THE MEMORIES - PART I - Xena and Gabrielle make a bet and the loser gets a spanking.
WHEN SHE WAS A WARLORD - Gabrielle fantasizes about Xena raiding Poteidia as the Warrior Princess.
BEEN THERE, WISH I'D DONE THAT - Xena descends into madness after repeating the same day over and over again revealing her darkest secrets to Gabrielle.
THE SMELL OF HER BRITCHES - Xena reads Gabrielle's secret scroll and then makes the bard's fantasizes come true.
BENEATH THE SMOULDERING ARMOUR - Xena and Gabrielle have a kinky adventure in the woods.


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