One Flesh

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: One Flesh
Author(s): Jane Aumerle
Date(s): 1981
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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One Flesh is a Kirk/Spock story by Jane Aumerle. It was the first of her K/S series, and a prequel to two stories which appear in Thrust.

It was published in The Price and the Prize.


"Spock melds with a mortally wounded Kirk, and truths are finally revealed as they wait for medical attention."

Reactions and Reviews

Spock melds with Kirk to save his life after a bullet wound. In the meld they admit their love. After coming out of it, Spock is able to hold Kirk, giving Kirk joy. A nice, short love story that I could easily believe in the TOS universe. It used h/c to bring our guys together. [1]
Kirk has been seriously injured from a gunshot wound and he is at risk of bleeding to death. McCoy does not have the medical equipment or facilities to operate and the Enterprise is out of transporter range. Spock prepares for mind meld to bring Kirk back from the brink of death and stop the internal bleeding.

The dialogue, mental dialogue for the purpose of this story, is absolutely spot on for the characters of Kirk and Spock. There is an expert weaving of story elements from the original episodes throughout the meld describing the evolution of their friendship. There is even a remembrance from the episode, Spock's Brain from Kirk's perspective which works perfectly to describe Kirk's anger and protectiveness whenever Spock's life was in jeopardy. Written from Kirk's perspective, the story is effective in switching from what Kirk can hear and physically feel and what he experiences in the meld with Spock. McCoy's dialogue, as Kirk hears it, is also completely believable and in character and tells the reader that the meld is working to stave off death. The meld itself results in revealing deeper feelings that Kirk and Spock have for each other and takes their relationship to the next level.

Enjoyable story, excellent and familiar characterization - a recommended story to read. [2]


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