Once We Were Friends

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Title: Once We Were Friends
Publisher: Slash Net Publications
Author(s): Rae Crider
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): out of print by 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
External Links: publisher's page; online version of the story
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Once We Were Friends is a slash 85-page novel by Rae Crider.


From the publisher, "Everyone wants something. Everyone wants to hide something. You can't hide form a Luthor. Luthors don't have friends."


"It happened so long ago that I can almost forget the details. Can almost convince myself that it never happened. I can almost forget what he looked like. What he smelled like. What it was like to have him under my hands, his skin soft as silk and his body hard as diamonds. What it meant to be his friend; themes like honor and loyalty, second nature to a boy, no a young man, at whatever the personal cost. That if I just try hard enough, I can forget that I love Clark Kent.
But not quite.
No matter how hard I try, I can still feel his hands on me, exploring, tasting, memorizing. And the feeling is twice as strong when I'm at the castle. Every inch has some sense memory built into it - a ghost of a happier time - this study most of all. The fireplace where we spent many evenings talking, playing chess by its light. The pool table where he beat me nine times out of ten. My desk, the only protection there was between me and the hazel eyed, raven-haired teenager who managed to capture all of my attention the moment he walked into a room.
I let my hand linger over the warm surface of the wood, stopping in my stroll around the room to just feel, remember. There were so many memories here. I had it once; I had it all.
I had him. Clark Kent. Six foot and three inches of pure all-American farm boy. You always hear jokes about farmer's daughters, but they never warn you about their sons. If the women are beautiful, the men are devastating. And Clark was definitely that. His smile alone could have lit up Metropolis. And yet, he hid behind a shy charm that somehow made people forget he was there. I never understood that. People are blind.
Sighing, I moved away from the desk and fell into a chair next to the fireplace with a drink and turned the television on low. I was tired, sore, and in need of shower, yet I couldn't convince my body to move any further. I just wanted to forget. Needed to will away the memories, if only for a night.
It was here in this town where, for the second time in my life, everything changed. One moment of weakness where I convinced myself that I could have it all. I didn't care enough to expect the consequences.
Or prepare for them.
I let myself forget who and what I was. That was a mistake.
Looking back, it's a time that should be remembered, if for no other reason than to remind me why I shouldn't care and if I do, how spectacularly I can screw things up."