Once Upon a Star Trek

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Once Upon a Star Trek
Author(s): Sarah Cornelie "Sam" Cole
Date(s): 1969 to ?
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Once Upon a Star Trek is a Star Trek: TOS story by Sam Cole. It was serialized in Spock's Scribes, a fan club.


This fanfic described the adventures of a group of young women and girls aboard the Enterprise. All of the main characters were relatives of the Star Trek crew. It is a self-insertion as each character is an avatar of several fans. In those early days this practice was not referred to by that (or any) label, nor looked down upon, especially for lighthearted or surrealistic tales.

The character roster from the Winter 1969 issue of Spock's Scribes, which published chapter two of "What Went Wrong?":

  • Samantha Graham Scott -- Sam Cole (Mr. Spock's Cousin)
  • Kelley McCoy -- Susan LeVasseur (Dr. Mc Coy's Neice)
  • Willdalayne Stonn (Billie) -- Debbie Kuhn (Sarek & Amanda's Ward)
  • Tess Chekov -- Linda Miller (Chekov!s third Cousin)
  • Cassie Scott -- Debbie Morrison (Mr. Scottls Ward)
  • Keenah Ghekovs -- Keenah Dunn (Chekov sister)
  • Akiko Sulu -- Rebecca Odle (Sulu's Sister)
  • Judy Kirk -- Melody Jordan (Kirk's Niece & Yeoman on board)

From the Introduction Booklet for Spock's Scribes

Sam Cole believed that behind all the fun and satire, the fan clubs served an educational purpose in that members would learn the elements of writing. In the club's introduction booklet, Sam Cole explained that the girls wanted to create stories in which they were brought aboard the Enterprise and caused trouble. When they asked her for help, she suggested that they write themselves in as relatives of the officers who were being transported between schools on different planets.

A paraphrased summary by User:KTJ is below:

  • Samantha Scott was the daughter of Amelia Grayson (Amanda's twin sister) and research scientist James Scott (no relation to Montgomery). She was born on XX Larid where her parents had gone to rescue a dying race of humanoids. James and his wife were killed in an accident and Samantha was raised by the natives for three years, then brought to the research complex where she was adopted by Kit McCoy, Leonard's sister, as a companion to her adopted daughter Kelley. Appearing to be physically and emotionally retarded, Samantha was actually a true telepath who loved "all" and would "unravel the knots" of people who were angry or frightened. When Kelley came aboard the Enterprise, Samantha sneaked aboard and hid in the air vents. "She did every ridiculous thing you can imagine without rhyme or reason." She also read and memorized every tape on the ship, hoping to be able to understand their meaning later. Samantha was played by Sam Cole.
  • Kelley McCoy is also an orphan. She is a brilliant student who wants to be a doctor like her uncle Leonard. She has been a mother to Samantha. She often originates the wild ideas and plans for the group's antics on board. Kelley was played by Susan Le Vasseur.
  • Keenah Chekov is Pavel Chekov's sister. She wants to be a spy and makes it her business to know the hiding places and secrets of everyone on the ship. She is prone to crushes on men but is painfully shy. Generally cheerful and optimistic, she often planned hijinks with Samantha. Keenah was played by the late Keenah Dunn.
  • Tess Chekov is Chekov's third cousin. She considers herself a hippie-type free spirit, but she might like to be a psychologist and wants to "solve" Samantha. Tess was played by Linda Miller.
  • Willdalayne Storn was the daughter of Storn, Ambassador Sarek's brother, and a Romulan scientist. They had married during a tentative alliance between the Romulans and the Federation. When this fell apart both her parents were killed and she was adopted by Sarek. She is motivated by anger and hostility but also by intense curiosity. As she hates both Vulcans (except for Sarek, whom she now respects) and Romulans she desires to model herself after Earth people. "Billie" was played by Debbie Kuhn.
  • Yeoman Judy Kirk is Captain Kirk's niece. She believes she was assigned to the Enterprise because of her uncle, but he wasn't even aware she had joined Starfleet. She is a versatile thinker who has been assigned to numerous departments. Judy was played by Melody Jordan.
  • Akiko Sulu is Mr. Sulu's sister. They were born and raised in Hawaii. She is an artist. She wants to join Starfleet but thinks this will not be possible due to her less than exemplary schoolwork. She is a gentle person who can "be seen with anyone". Aki was played by Rebecca Odle.
  • Cass Scott is a distant cousin of Montgomery. She has a lot of engineering talent but little training. She takes things apart all the time and the girls bring "unfixable" items to her. She is fascinated by Samantha and will often engage in antics with Kelley or Keenah. Cass was played by Debbie Morrison.

Permission Granted

In the January 1971 issue of Da Scribe's Grapevine, there is a reprint of a letter from David Gerrold who gives his permission "to refer to him and his Tribbles in Once Upon a Star Trek":
Dear Sam, Thanks for your note. As for your request: as this is strictly non-professional (i.e. no profit involved) you have my permission to refer to Tribbles and me. Of course, I expect you to send me a copy of the printed version for my files. Have fun with it -- we had fun with the original. I have little objection to fans doing parodies or take-offs on stories I have done, as long as they are (a) in good taste, and non-malicioius, and (b) as clever as possible. Your care and thoughtfulness in contacting me first are great points in your favor, and I would be a heel to deny you the fun -- and I don't want to be a heel. This year. ["David, you couldn't be a heel any year! Sam]. [1]


  • unknown title
  • "What Went Wrong?"
  • "Escape"
  • others?



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