OVERWATCH Netflix teaser trailer

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Creator: Lion Montages
Date: 04/07/2017
Format: Youtube video
Length: 2:32
Music: Rag n' bone - Human
Genre: Fake Trailer
Fandom: Overwatch
Footage: Official Cinematic Footage
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPjt0Yeddj4

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'OVERWATCH | Netflix Original Series | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Netflix' is an Overwatch fake trailer made from official Blizzard footage by Lion Montages. It is made in a style to represent a Netfli series, and is made to look like a real Netflix trailer. Their description of the vid:

'When the world chose to dismantle Overwatch, they never knew how bad would they be necessary in the future. A new treat rises, and it's up to those fallen legends to stand up and fight once more.'

Reactions and Reviews

From PolishPrick:

This is prob the 200th time I'm watching this and the more I watch it the more I want this to be a real thing. Overwatch has so many untold stories. This game has it's own universe now. Soon it's going to look like Star Wars where you have people's fan fictions and the actual story that happend. And no matter what WE need this, although it maybe wouldn't bring many billions and it wouldn't be cheap in production. The Question is does blizzard realise what they made? That Overwatch is one Of The most played games? That people want to see more? Do they think that an 3min animated teaser will be enough? That a monthly comic? No. People will want more, hell people want more now. I don't know if blizzard will see this ,,trailer,, bit if they do........Lets hope they will rethink the idea.

From Daniel Brovender:

I can't put in words how good this video actually is

Many fans expressed their eagerness for an official Overwatch movie, citing the fan trailer as an example of how good the movie could be.