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Title: OTPlease
Type: fanfic anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Language: English
External Links: https://fanficzine.tumblr.com, https://twitter.com/fanficzine
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OTPlease is a multifandom fanfic zine.



Welcome to OTPlease: a fandom zine for writers! Our Zine is dedicated to showing the talent and skill of fandom authors. In recent years, fandom zines have become almost as popular as they were during the early days of fandom, back when fic was still called spec and creaters were fighting over Luke/Leia or Leia/Han, but now, most fandom zines cater to fanartists rather than the fan writers. We hope to provide a zine that is a bit of a throwback to the early days of fandom zine creation, one that puts an emphasis on the fan authors that do so much for the communtiy at large, but who are often left out of fan projects do to page restrictions and other reasons. To do this, we decided that we would start a multi-fandom zine! Each zine will have its own subtitle, but they will all be produced through our group.

About Our Name

OtPlease is admittedly a goofy pun Moderator Spaceytears came up with when we were first putting together the blog sometime this past July. We had several other options, but after a vote OtPlease won out among our Moderators, and we started to build our brand around it. Even though it started as a silly pun, OtPlease encompasses a lot of what fanfiction is for fic authors—a means to gush about our favorite pairings. And as a group looking to allow writers to shine, we think it's a very fitting title.

How this zine works

Every issue of OTPlease will be open to any ship from the fandom the issue is centering on. Sections will be themed, and we will be chosing the sections based on each individual fandom. We'll be doing separate applications for each zine, and we will do our best to include new artists and writers each time, but being in our zine for one fandom doesn't disqualify you for being in our zine for a different fandom!


  • We are doing our best to create a system where judges can both judge and apply for zines that they're interested in!
  • We will be using judges who are both in fandom and out to help avoid preference based on characters and pairings
  • We plan to have contributors confirm that they will work on the project before we announce who will be involved
  • This is a Charity Zine! We plan on starting by donating to TPAN, you can learn more about them at their website. and we will provide receipts of the final donations once everything has gone through!
  • We will be looking for writers, editors, artists, and judges! There will definitely be plenty of ways to get involved!

Volume 1: Across the Stars

The first issue focuses on Voltron: Legendary Defender characters. It contains 100+ pages of original, exclusive fanfiction and fanart from 27 contributors.

Across The Stars is an unofficial Voltron: Legendary Defenders fanzine started by one passionate writer with a focus on gathering and putting a spotlight on the wonderful works of many other equally passionate writers.

All proceeds will be going to the Test Positive Aware Network or TPAN. For more information on the cause, please visit: https://www.tpan.com/

The Across The Stars Zine includes 17 fanfiction works totaling over 80,000 words of original content and 12 original full-color illustrations covering a diverse range of themes, concepts, and main characters brought together by a team of 27 hand-picked creators. The physical zine itself will be a Perfect Bound 6” x 9” paperback book.